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Sign up today for the next Jam N Jelly, Pickle It or Cheese/Yogurt workshops.  You will learn to safely can and preserve.  You will have so much fun.  Bring a friend! 
Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen Co. canning workshop!  Sign up for a workshop NOW!!  You will be glad you did! Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen was born out of the passion I have for simple, delicious and healthy food.  I love going out to the garden to pick fresh fruit and vegetables. I adore the fact that nature writes the daily menu at our house.   It makes me feel good to know that I am serving my family and friends food that is grown without all of the yucky pesticides.  At times my garden would give me so much that I could hardly consume or give it away fast enough. Thus my love of pickling, canning and preserving was born.  Over the past 20 years or so I have canned fruits and vegetables of many kinds. I would have to say that pickling is my favorite!  Each time I give a jar of pickled peppers or carrots...I always get a returned empty jar and the request for a refill!  I love that!!
I am the only (non county employee) certified Master Food Preserver trained and certified by the University of California UC Davis/Stanislaus County Cooperative Extension, in all forms of safe food preservation. 
I hope to see you at one of the upcoming scheduled workshops.  I look forward to sharing the age old mysteries of home preservation! 
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